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After ascertained increasing of inflows to Kardzhali Reservoir, Studen Kladenets Reservoir and Ivailovgrad Reservoir and calculated inflows to Studen Kladenets Reservoir in the amount of 827 m3/sec, actions were undertaken with regard to a high wave passing. In order to ensure the necessary volume in the reservoirs for the expected increased inflows, such inflows are processed by the three hydro power plants owned by  Natsionalna Elektricheska Kompania EAD. Currently, the spillways of the three dams are in good condition and are in normal operation.  

The relatively low volumes of the high wave already passed, as well as the timely reaction of the National Electric Company to start intensive processing of water quantities from the reservoirs, even before the event, allowed keeping the high water wave in the reservoirs of Cascade. In this way, the overflow of water quantities through the spillway of the last step of the Cascade - Ivaylovgrad Dam, was prevented. This has been followed by water quantities processing in accordance with a schedule until the limit water levels for the Cascade set by the Ministry of Environment and Water are reached.


In pursuance of Art. 36a of the Energy Act, NEK EAD is obliged to announce its intention to change the prices it applies when performing its licensed activities for the next price regulatory period, starting from 01.07.2020.

The price at which the Company, as a Public Supplier, sells electricity to the End Suppliers is a function of the following components:

  • Electricity quantities requested by the End Suppliers for consumption needs;
  • Capacity availability for electricity generation of the producers from which the Public Supplier buys electricity, as well as electricity quantities for which the Public Supplier concludes deals with the End Suppliers, which are determined by EWRC in accordance with Art. 21, para. 1, it. 21 of the Energy Act (EA);
  • Prices of the producers, regulated by EWRC under art. 30, para. 1, it. 1 of the Energy Act;
  • Estimated market price by producer groups, determined by EWRC for each regulatory period;
  • Compensations provided by the Energy System Security Fund, determined by EWRC.

Currently, NEK EAD does not have complete information on the price forming components for the next regulatory period, therefore it cannot assess the level of the price at which the Public Supplier will sell electricity to the End Suppliers.

Launch of the procedure for a strategic investor for "Belene" NPP project

In implementation of decisions of the National Assembly of 7 June 2018 and of the Council of Ministers of 29 June 2018, Natsionalna Elektricheska Kompania EAD announces a call for selection of a strategic investor for the construction of Belene nuclear power plant. The call also allows for expressions of interest to acquire a minority shareholding in the future project, as well as and/or to purchase electricity from the future power plant. The purpose of the call is to provide certain information to the applicants wishing to participate in the procedure.

The Bulgarian side will participate in the project company operating "Belene" NPP with an in-kind contribution of the assets, including the licensed site, the available equipment, the issued decisions, permits, licenses and other documents related to the project. A number of conditions are laid down in the procedure with the aim of maximizing the protection of the property interest of the Bulgarian side. The Bulgarian state, through NEK EAD, reserves the right of a blocking quota when deciding on certain issues within the competence of the shareholders’ general assembly in the project company. The construction of the plant is envisaged to be carried out on a market principle, without the conclusion of long-term power purchase agreements with the state or provision of any sovereign guarantees.

An application in the procedure for selection of a strategic investor or, respectively, interest in acquiring a minority share in the project company may be submitted by Bulgarian or foreign legal entities, as well as consortium thereof. The deadline for receipt of applications shall be until the 90th day as of the date on which the call is published in the Official Journal of the European Union. The indicative deadline for completion of the procedure shall be 12 months from the date of publication of this invitation in the Official Journal of the European Union.

CALL for Expression of Interest for a Strategic Investor and/or Acquisition of Minority Shareholding and/or Purchase of Electricity

Appendix № 1 - Brief information about Natsionalna Elektricheska
Kompania EAD

Appendix № 2 - Brief history of the project

Appendix № 3 - Documentary status of Belene NPP project, including the documents issued at the time of the call - orders, decisions, permits, etc., concerning its implementation

Appendix № 4 - Brief information about the electricity market in Bulgaria

Appendix № 5 - Information on the stages of the procedure for selection of a strategic investor for construction of Belene NPP

Appendix № 6 - Application for participation

Appendix № 7 - Letter of interest for acquisition of minority shareholding

Appendix № 8 - Letter of interest for acquisition of minority shareholding and purchase of electricity

Appendix № 9 - Letter of interest for purchase of electricity

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