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Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR)


Pursuant to the Supplier of Last Resort Licence No. L-408-17/01.07.2013 supplemented with the rights and obligations related to the activity of a coordinator of special balancing group, NEK as SoLR has the obligation to supply electricity to final customers connected to the transmission grid system if such customers have not switched to another electricity trader or the chosen trader fails to deliver for reasons beyond the customer.

The sale of electricity by NEK as SoLR to a customer is made based on the commercial meter readings under a single tariff plan at a flat price per hour on 24-hour basis.


  General terms and conditions for delivery of electrical energy by SoLR

  Contract for combined services under the GTC for delivery by SoLR

  Service rules for customers of the Supplier of Last Resort

  Methodology of pricing the electricity provided by SoLR,

approved by resolution under item 2 of Record No. 10/18.07.2013 of EWRC with reference to Art. 21(1)12 of the Energy Act.


Pursuant to Art.100 (1) of the Energy Act, NEK EAD as SoLR has the right to conclude power purchase transactions for its customers at freely negotiated prices.

The average selling price of electricity supplied by NEK SoLR contains a surcharge of 3% of the actual costs incurred to purchase such electricity, under the Methodology for the price formation of SoLR electricity.

NEK EAD as SoLR publishes:

Electricity selling price for July 2021

Tariff plan

Unit price BGN/kWh

Single tariff



The published price does not include:


Balancing costs;

Excise duty;

Public service obligation fee.

Email address for customers of SoLR: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.