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In connection with the allegations spread by some producers regarding the balancing market and NEK's role in it, we want of clarify the following:
On 1st June 2014 a balancing market was effectively introduced for the electricity producers and the end suppliers. NEK EAD as a coordinator of a special balancing group applies the principles of equal standing for producers and end suppliers forecasts, complying with the Energy Act. In the cases where the end suppliers forecasts for electricity demand are lower than the electricity producers forecasts, the Public Provider determines the hourly quantities for each individual day for each of the power plants, taking into account the generation parameters of their units. In order not to be accused of protecting one producer or another, NEK EAD applies equal limitations to the producers, including towards its own power plants. In our opinion, the allegations of some producers are only meant to discredit the balancing market and to violate the trade rules which will be to the prejudice of the society.


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