Hydro Power Plants (HPP) Enterprise

The Hydro Power Plants (HPP) Enterprise is an important part of the structure of Natstionalna Elektricheska Kompania EAD, integrating all hydro power plants (HPPs) and pumped storage hydro power plants (PSHPP) of NEK EAD.

Its main activity includes electricity generation and operation and maintenance of 28 hydro power plants (HPPs) and 3 pumped storage hydro power plants (PSHPPs). The total installed capacity is 2737 MW in turbine mode and 931 MW in pumping mode.

Rehabilitation of facilities, most of which were built more than 40-50 years ago, is                  an important part of the HPP Enterprise's activity. The rehabilitations that the Company carries out at its power plants guarantee their long-term and trouble-free operation. Construction and maintenance activities are performed by own labour force and by external contractors. The Company has highly qualified engineers and technicians and construction and repair teams of workers for the facilities maintenance, as well as a wide variety of special machines and tools for the purpose.

Main activities of the HPP Enterprise:

  • The HPP Enterprise organizes and conducts technical operation of its power plants by providing:
    • normal, economical and trouble-free operation of the sites, buildings and facilities in the power plants;
    • maintaining the quality of the energy generated;
    • maintaining the facilities, systems and buildings in a state of continuous operational readiness.
  • The HPP Enterprise ensures safe and healthy working conditions for its staff and fire safety of the facilities during their operation.
  • It exercises constant control and takes measures for prevention of any harmful impacts on the environment.

There are modern laboratories and workshops established in the HPP Enterprise for ensuring  of technical control and quality of current and major repairs:  

  • laboratory for defectoscopy control
  • laboratory for control of electrical machines, electrical and protective equipment
  • laboratory for testing the operational characteristics of hydro generators and water pumps
  • mechanical repair workshop
  • sandblasting workshop.

The hydro power plants provide possibilities for optimization of the operating modes of the NPP and TPP base load generating capacities and have important technical properties for the Electric Power System:

  • flexibility in normal modes control and reliable control of peak load fluctuations in daily and weekly aspects;
  • safety and quick response for load covering in case of emergency shutdown of generating capacities;
  • voltage control.

The environmentally friendly generation of electricity by NEK's power plants enables the Company to combine efficient utilization of water resources and guaranteeing of electricity supplies for the regulated market.