Environmental Protection

Hydro Power Plants are the largest source of green energy in the world, ahead of solar energy and wind. The clean energy generated from the constantly renewing water resources is part of the solution to the problems related to environmental pollution.

The National Electric Company conducts its environmental policy by applying environmentally friendly technologies and modern operating and repair practices and procedures in its HPP and PSHPP electricity generation.

The Company carries out its activities in an environmentally friendly manner, with a high degree of control for prevention and minimizing of any adverse impacts from its operations.

The Company's responsibility for environmental protection is also expressed in the efficient and responsible management of waste generated by all NEK’s facilities. Among the priorities in the Company’s environmental policy is the energy efficiency improvement of all facilities operated by NEK.

The implementation of the Company’s environmental management objectives and policies is reported and updated in regular intervals.

The environmental commitment of the Company is also expressed in the development of  environmental culture and environmental protection encouragement of the employees at all levels,  as well as of external companies performing works at NEK’s sites and facilities.

With its efficient management of green energy generated by its HPPs and PSHPPs,  the National Electric Company contributes to the protection, restoration and reproduction of the natural environment.

With its carbon-free energy generated from one of the key renewable sources - water, NEK EAD contributes to the achievement of the ambitious goals of Bulgaria and the European Union in terms of climate.