Public Electricity Supplier – a key player in the internal electricity market

Pursuant to the Public Power Supply Licence No. L-147-13/17.12.200, supplemented with the function of a coordinator of special balancing group, NEK EAD operates on the wholesale electricity market. The licence is issued by the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC), based on which NEK EAD is made eligible and obligated to offer services of public interest to trading participants. 

Electricity is traded at regulated prices for deliveries into the regulated market, at freely negotiated prices for sales on the liberalized market, to the extent permitted by law, at prices under the EWRC approved methodology for the sales to the suppliers of last resort (SoLR), and at prices under the long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs). 

NEK EAD as Public Supplier (PS) buys electrical energy from:

  • Producers with estimated monthly availability approved by the regulator EWRC for the generation of electricity, and from other producers with a prescribed portion of their output for sales at regulated prices;
  • HPP and PSHPP owned by NEK EAD;
  • AES-3C Maritsa East 1 TPP EOOD and ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3 TPP AD as counterparts to the PPAs;
  • Renewable electricity producers and high-efficiency combined heat and power producers of 1 MW installed capacities, connected to the power distribution network.

NEK EAD Public Supplier (PS) sells electricity to:

  • Final suppliers for the sales on the regulated market;
  • Suppliers of last resort, on demand;
  • Platforms of the Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange;
  • Balancing market.

The Public Supplier carries on its function in accordance with the rules and provisions applicable in the electricity industry as prescribed by the Energy Act, RES Act, subordinate legislation and the regulations for their implementation. The company operates in a highly regulated environment.