Main Functions

Natsionalna Elektricheska Kompania EAD (NEK EAD) is a single-owner joint-stock company. Its seat of business is in Sofia. Bulgarian Energy Holding EAD is the holder of the capital of NEK EAD.

Pursuant to a decision of the Minister of Economy and Energy the Bulgarian Energy Holding EAD (BEH EAD) was established on 18 September 2008, after renaming Bulgargas Holding EAD.

BEH EAD is a 100 % state owned joint-stock company. It includes Maritsa East Mines EAD, Maritsa East 2 TPP, Kozloduy NPP EAD, NEK EAD, ESO EAD, Bulgargas EAD, Bugartransgas EAD and Bulgartel EAD. The companies, brought together in the holding structure, retain their operational independence and licences, as they are all owned and directly subordinated to the corporate center BEH EAD.

BEH EAD Main Scope of Activities:

Acquisition, management, assessment and sale of interests in companies, carrying out business activity in the fields of generation, production, transmission, transit, storage, dispatching, distribution, sale and/or off-take of natural gas, electrical energy, heat energy, coal as well as any other type of energy and raw materials for the production.

NEK EAD Main Scope of Activities:

  • Generation of electrical energy;
  • Centralised purchase and sale of electrical energy;
  • Supply of electrical energy to customers connected to the transmission network;
  • Import, export of electrical energy;
  • Construction and maintenance of power generation facilities;
  • Investment;
  • Introduction and promotion of energy efficiency in the generation of electrical energy.

NEK EAD Branches:

NEK EAD, Dams and Cascades Branch