International Cooperation and Public Relations


NEK EAD develops active international activity in accordance with the state and industrial policy of integration into the European structures.


Corporate Member of WEC

The company is a corporate member of The National Committee of Bulgaria for the World Energy Council (NCBWEC) which is the Bulgarian Member Committee of the World Energy Council.


We continue our relations and cooperation with such organizations as USEA, IAEA, ICOLD, etc.



In the area of public relations NEK EAD is trying to present in a fair and transparent manner the activities of the Company to the mass media and maintain positive mass media presence. To this effect, we are in every day communication with the mass media and provide personal clarifications to journalists on matters of interest to them. Press releases containing information on events taking place within the Company are circulated to all news agencies. Thematic press conferences and interviews are arranged with senior officers of the Company for the purpose of presenting the position of NEK on specific issues and events and providing current, accurate and instructive information. Publications: Annual Report of NEK EAD. In the event of emergency or extraordinary situation, the Company attempts to maintain open and direct communication with the mass media in order to ensure true presentation of a given problem and gain the public confidence. This goal also underlies the efforts to make the mass media act as intermediaries between the interests of the Company and the public.